Used cars in Bangalore below 5 lakhs: Find your dream car on a budget

If you have a budget of 5 lakhs and you want to buy a luxury sedan or a hatchback that has only run a few kilometres, it’s not at all impossible. You can easily find cars within a budget rage of 5 lakhs. Here’s how you can compare the specs of used cars in bangalore under 5 lakhs.

Visit a directory first

There are automobile directories where you can find an extensive list of cars under 5 lakhs. These sites would allow you to browse through the list of used cars, use advanced filters and gather as much information you need about these cars for a comparative analysis.

Select a category

Are you looking for a passenger van? Is a mini SUV under 5 lakh is what you want to buy in Bangalore? Do you want to buy a sedan within this budget range? You need to select from the available categories to find your dream car on your budget.

Set the price filter

If you are less flexible about price or on a tight budget, simply set the budget range staring from anything till 5 lakhs. The broader the range is, the more options you will see on your screen. From there, open the cars in new tabs and then check the specs of each of the cars.

Is the car certified?

Most reputable dealers these days offer free certification with all the cars they list on their website. Therefore, you can easily find a certified car if you can find a reputable dealer.

Talk to the seller

Don’t hesitate to ask the seller about the price and other details. If possible, take a shot at negotiating the price. If you are in doubt, contact the live support.

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