Tips to start a commercial studio

Are you going to start a commercial studio? If you have a passion for art, having your own studio setup can contribute more into your interest in art and help you earn more. When you have a knack of penning down designs for T-shirts, tops, greetings cards, mugs, cushion covers etc, having a personalized gift business in your studio can be a great idea. You can learn using the heat press that is used in designing t-shirts and other fabrics and take bulk orders for personalized gifts and for corporate events.

So, here are a few tips start a commercial studio

Buy the essential equipment

Canvas, colors, computers, printers, heat press, flash dryers, heat transfer papers, cool press etc are some of the essential things that will be needed to setup the commercial studio. If you can afford, visit a silhouette store online and get a silhouette cameo. Though many of you consider it backdated but the latest silhouette cameos are preinstalled with a wide array of designs and fonts that you can download, print and use.

 Budget and Space

Money is the most essential thing when you are setting up any business. Whether you are having the sole proprietorship or partnership- you need to figure out the budget on the first lap. If you are going to start it for the first time, instead of investing a huge sum of money in the beginning, it is a better to start small.


If you have some space in your garage or backyard, you can start from your home as well to make sure how the business is syncing in the market and the growth. If luckily you start developing a group of loyal customers, you can think about spreading the business or making it big. Reach out the target audience with extensive social media shares and online marketing.

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