Things to check while purchasing a House

There are a lot of things that you must check before purchasing a property. If you are going to live there, you need to be extra careful particularly regarding the water supply, ambiance, neighborhood, convenience and various other stuff.

Is there an underground oil tank?

One of the most important things that all homeowners are supposed to check is the condition of the underground oil tank. If you are happy to buy a house with a prior underground oil tank, you should also be aware of the condition of the tank. If it is there for quite some time and without any proper maintenance, you need to pay a heed to that before signing up the deal or moving in.


Go for a soil test

If you want to take the initiative of knowing the situation of the underground oil tank, opting for a New Jersey oil tank program sounds perfect. There are many authorized companies that can reach by your doorstep and can undergo the soil test. In the next 3-4 days, you will be aided with the reports from where the present condition of the oil tank will be understood. If it is leaking, the soil will soak it and you need to repair it or replace it immediately. This is needed to protect the base of the house.

Deal with the existing owner

When you have found that the underground oil tank needs NJ oil tank removal , talk to the existing owner of the property. You can ask them to call a removal company for the job before you purchase the house in your own initiative but you are going to deduct the cost from the money they are charging for the property.

So, these are a couple of things that you should check while buying a house.

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