The Undeniable Power of Social Media

When Facebook first emerged, it was thought to be a handy platform for friends to chat, and who would have thought that, within a few years, Facebook would become a huge digital platform for ecommerce? If you were of the opinion that social media isn’t really a marketing avenue for your industry, think again. Simply put, the number of online shoppers is growing exponentially, and a large percentage are using social media sites to order products and services, making Social Media Marketing (SMM) an essential component to every digital marketing plan.

Connecting groups of Likeminded People

Social media provides an interactive platform for specialised groups, and any organisation that was looking for some collaboration would use an online social media proposal template to get their message to the right people. Friend lists send your contact details around the world, and from a business angle, SMM is a vital marketing avenue that is to be developed in an ongoing way – once the account has been created, regular quality posts will slowly build a following, and with ecommerce platform that facilitate online payments via Facebook, you really do have a convenient buying platform.

Bad News Travels Oh So Fast

If a company or organisation is not performing (customer service is non-existent), social media will have it known within the global online shopping in a flash. As an example, a small airline made a Facebook post offering a flight discount, and were bombarded with hundreds of comments about bad customer service! This global platform is indeed a double-edged sword, promoting both good and bad, which is great for the consumer and forces sellers to develop a solid reputation.

Get your Message Out

Using a range of social media platforms, you can inform millions of users about your cause or campaign. Social media can be credited for making people aware of animal and environment conservation programs, and if 25 million people watch a short movie about the plastic pollution problem in our oceans, this spreads the word in a very effective way. The way the friend system works creates webs and webs of networks, and a person could become world famous overnight with a single YouTube posting, such is the power of social media. Reputations that be destroyed in minutes and those who silently do amazing things are recognised, the unsung heroes and those who have a plan to clean up the planet, inspiring millions to do the same.

Consumer Paradise

A friend sends you a Facebook link, as he knows you are looking for a special kind of patio furniture, and with a single click, you are on the manufacturer’s Facebook page, where you can either buy directly, or follow a link to their main site. The experts say social media commerce is already a major player and the future looks rosy, as more and more social media platforms offer easy online payment options.

If social media isn’t already a part of your life, you are definitely in the minority.

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