Some Industries Need Specialised Printers for their Safety Materials

As with most other industries, concerns such as the oil and gas, construction, engineering, mining, marine, and shipping industries need certain equipment and supplies if the employees want to do their jobs efficiently. This includes printed material that encompasses things such as safety manuals and brochures that help them do their jobs even better. These days, there are specialised printing companies that offer printed materials for specific industries, which means that when you use them you can rest assured that they understand your industry and will therefore include the most up-to-date information in everything that they print. These companies specialise in the printing of a variety of safety materials to help employees stay safe while they are at work, and will make sure the materials are printed correctly and include everything the industry professionals need to know.

Manuals, Brochures, and More

Printed materials developed and supplied by these specialised printers include prestart checklists, occupational health and safety manuals that discuss topics such as fatigue management and lock out/tag out procedures, work certificates and permits, injury and incident reports, labels and posters describing safety procedures, and job hazard analysis (JHA) forms, among others. They also include wholesale safety tags that are printed on special synthetic paper so that they can withstand Australian weather, as well as the Take 5 risk assessment wallets.


The Take 5 wallets are designed to help both contractors and employees reduce workplace accidents in all types of situations from simple to complex tasks. It helps these people become more aware of their environment at all times so that they can identify and control the immediate hazards often seen in their day-to-day duties. These wallets come in various sizes and types, include industry-specific information, and contain safety hints, pads, and a matrix card to help people perform certain risk and hazard assessments while they are at work.

Why Choose a Specialised Printer?

Even for materials that are not required by the government but are a good idea anyway to have on hand, it is imperative that they contain the safety information needed to help your employees and contractors. Printing companies that specialise in these materials can advise and recommend which products you likely need, are familiar enough with the industry jargon so that no typos will be found in the printing, and usually offer free quotes, fast turnaround times, and personal delivery of the products you order. Their products look good, contain the valuable information you have come to rely on, and are also reasonably priced and easy to reorder.

Getting industry-specific manuals and brochures printed up does not have to be difficult if you choose a printer with the expertise and knowledge to do the job right. Choosing one of these printers usually involves starting with the Internet because most of them have professional websites that will give you the information you need to make a decision and will have contact information in case there is a question that is unanswered by the website itself.

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