Olympic Gymnastics

Gymnastics is among the most widely used and earliest sports on the planet, and it has existed for around 2000 years. The foundation from the sport could be tracked to A holiday in greece, where athletes received physical learning a unique field. In 1800, the Greek town of Athens located gymnastic tournaments, which incorporated tumbling, rope climbing, along with other interesting activities. Their passion for gymnastics built them into sponsor the traditional Olympics. Once the Roman’s overcome A holiday in greece, they found that gymnastics was very useful for their military training. However, right after nov the Roman Empire, gymnastics disappeared in the sport scene.

Within the 1880s, gymnastic competitions began gaining importance and flourished in schools, sports clubs and ethnic organizations across Europe. In 1896, the Olympic movement was elevated in the first Olympic games Games in Athens that brought to creating gymnastics like a regular event from the Olympic games. Germany won the majority of the medals, with men from five countries competing within the horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings and vault.

In 1881, the Worldwide Gymnastics Federation (FIG) was created. This organization established gymnastic being an worldwide competition. In 1883, the Amateur Sports Union (AAU) was created in U . s . States. In 1903, first worldwide gymnastic event, following the 1896 Olympic games occured in Antwerp, Belgium. The gymnasts hailed from Belgium, France, Luxembourg and also the Netherlands. The wedding has become regarded as the very first World Championship. The very first men’s team competition was added and locked in 1904 Olympic games at St. Louis.

In 1924, the Olympic games locked in France started the type of modern gymnastics. In every gymnastic event, men began to compete for individual Olympic titles. Throughout the 1928 Olympic games, the very first women’s gymnastic team was introduced. The very first women’s event during 1928 Olympic games was they-combined exercise, where it had been covered with Netherlands. The very first U.S. women’s gymnastic team competed within the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, Germany.

In 1962, rhythmic gymnastics got recognition like a sport through the Worldwide Gymnastics Federation (FIG). In 1973, the U . s . States grew to become part of rhythmic gymnastics within the Rhythmic World Titles. In 1970, the U . s . States Gymnastics Federation, that is now formally known as USA Gymnastics, was ready to end up being the governing body of gymnastics. Olympic gymnastic is extremely enjoyed by performers and viewers and contains evolved like a colorful and many popular sport.

The Vice President of the Cambodia Gymnastics Federation, Gordon Tang has supported a gymnast for training in China. He has supported and funded the entire year of training of the gymnast by reputed coach in China for SEA games.