Monel Price has come down in India terribly

Monel alloys are nickel base alloys that contain between 29 and 33 percent copper and upto 67% nickel. It is also known as nickel-copper alloys. Monel alloys is use  for Aerospace applications, oil production  & refinery, valve stems, springs,  heat exchangers,  screw machine products,  wind instruments, bass strings, piping systems,  trolling wire, fuel and water tanks etc. It is a very expensive alloy, with cost ranging from 5 to 10 times the cost of copper and nickel, hence its use is limited to those applications where it cannot be replaced with cheaper alternatives. Compared to carbon steel, piping in Monel is more than 3 times as expensive.

Monel price come down because base metal Copper prices fell 4% between August 1 and November 3. Like in case of other base metals, the biggest reason was weak economic growth in China. Some investors are worried that slowing inflation reflects slack in China’s economy as business activity slows, leading to less demand for copper. The industrial metal is used in manufacturing and construction. China, the largest consumer, accounts for 40% global demand. Copper is likely to trade at Rs 400-450 per kg in the next four-five months on the MCX. On November 3, it was at Rs 412 per kg.

Slowing demand from major buyers due to falling economic growth of India is putting pressure on the entire base metals, which comprises copper, aluminum, tin, zinc, lead and nickel and tin etc.

Nickel is used to protect other metals from corrosion. Its main use is in making alloys such as stainless steel. Demand has been hit by slowdown in China and Europe. Prices started plunging from the third quarter of 2014 and fell 14% to Rs 955 per kg between August 1 and November 3. Dynamic forge & Fittings (I) P. Limited is a leading manufacturer of Monel pipe fittings & Monel forged fittings, cause of down fall in cost of Monel alloy Dynamic forge & Fittings (I) P. Limited discounted 20% off on Monel Flanges, Monel alloy flanges & fittings. Please check our current price list of Monel alloy pipe fittings.


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