ductile iron pipe (DIP) is cost effective solution for water and sewage distribution

The term Ductile itself refers to the ability of a metal to undergo deformation before failure. Ductile pipes are the key components in the water supply infrastructure and are used heavily in the world today. Ductile iron is a development of an earlier cast iron pipe, the major difference between Ductile and Cast Iron lies in the shape of the graphite in the microstructure of the metal and this difference enhances the features of ductile pipes such as higher pressure bearing ability, impact resistance, corrosion resistance. All these features make this ductile iron pipes in best usage for potable water transmission and distribution.  As these pipes are mostly fitted underground, di pipe manufacturer have to be manufactured in such a way to withstand pressure and overcome corrosion etc. Aesteiron Steels Pvt. Ltd. is the one of the leading manufacturer of di pipe. They are manufactured using quality standards and have gone various types of tests before finally launching the product in to the market.

Ductile iron pipe offers higher Tensile Strength than Mild Steel and retains the inherent corrosion resistance of Cast Iron and as well inexpensive so, it is considered the most preferred pipe material for water supply and pressure sewerage application all over the world. We have number of ductile iron pipe suppliers in India. There are various advantages of using ductile iron pipes such as it can handle much higher pressure and stress due to its high tensile strength, has excellent anti-corrosive properties, these pipes are flexible, easy and quick to join due to its high ductility, these are lined with cement mortar which increase carrying capacity as well Prevents abrasion of pipe wall and increases pipe life and has the excellent workability.

Though the ductile iron pipes are more flexible, the underground pipes that transport cities drinking water and the sewer pipes that take away the household waste are casted from ductile iron pipes. As well it provides strength, proven durability from linings and coatings, easy to install and can be used in above or below ground applications, conservation of energy and low pumping cost as well. All this means the lifetime payback on ductile iron pipeline which provides an extremely cost effective solution over the other pipelines. So, ductile iron pipe (DIP) is cost effective solution for water and sewage distribution.

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