6 Reasons to buy a car from a certified car dealer

There are many people who are not willing to invest into buying a brand new car. The reason behind this may be with the increase in the manifold of the cars increasing manifold in last few years which makes sense to consider to invest into buying a used car than a new one to save some money on buying vehicles.

This is one of the main reason there are many people who are seriously considering purchasing used car nowadays. In our nation-India, there are two ways by which you can buy used vehicles. First is to that you approach the owner of the car directly and this is the most used and popular way of purchasing used cars. The second is, however, the reliable approach of buying a vehicle, and this is to buy the car from a dealer or seller who is certified. In addition to this, we would also suggest you buy certified second hand Tata cars in Mumbai, because this will get you some extra advantages and benefits.


  • One of the major benefits you get if you take the second route is the assurance of quality which the certified sellers provide.
  • Most of the bigger names in the car companies in India have set up their own separate shops where they sell their own vehicles which are pre-used. In addition to this, authorized dealers bring the offers of warranties on the cars which they sell, which will add to the value used cars which you buy from them.
  • Another benefit of buying cars from the certified seller is that reliable after-sales service is what you get if you face any issues or if needed. This advantage is not only there in case you purchase the car directly from the owner or through the agents from the gray Apart from all these advantages, there are advantages on the financial side too.
  • These sellers use their associations which they have with the banks or the lenders to help you to speed up the process of loan approval.
  • Financial companies consider this valuation done by the car dealers who use OEM and loan process becomes easy. Since they have already done all checks for the quality, banks are quite assured of the quality of the asset which is in question, that is used the car.
  • These dealers may also help you to get some great deals on the rate of interest on the used car loans because of their close association with the banks. This can help you save quite a big amount of rupees over the whole tenure of payment.

These are few of the reasons why we recommended to purchase used cars with the help of certified sellers and not through gray market.


There may be many other reasons why you should get the cars from the certified sellers, and these are well quite enough to convince you to buy the used cars from certified car dealers. Buying a second-hand may be quite tricky, but these people and some research on Google may help you.

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