5 Worst Career-Change Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Does the job that you once loved now bore you down? You have probably had enough and have decided to take that leap and have a career change. But, before taking that big step, know that career change is no piece of cake. Whether you are looking forward to changing careers in hotel management, finance, tech or any other field, make sure you avoid these 5 career changing mistakes to stay in the right path.

#1: Changing Your Career Because You Hate Your Work Environment!

Ask yourself this. The sole reason you want to shift career is because of your rude boss or annoying colleague. If this is the reason for your shift then consider moving to a different company rather than changing your entire career. Not all work environments are the same. You may find a better work environment in the same work-line.

#2: Neglecting All the Possibilities of Your Decision

This happens to be one of the most common career change mistakes that people make. Changing career is a big challenge. Make sure you are up for it.

  • Experience and Skills: Are your skills changed with your new job?
  • Company Culture: Will the new company’s culture match your values?
  • Interest: Are you passionate or interested in your new target job? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

#3: Being Emotionally Driven

Never let emotions get in your way when you are taking such major decisions. Don’t change your career just because your best friend or colleague is doing it or just because you didn’t get your raise or promotion. These strong emotions can blind us in our career change decisions.

#4: Having Short-Term Goals

It is very important to have realistic goals such as, “Currently I am an analyst and I want to be a manager someday”. Having valid goals like these will help you push and move forward. If you see that you are far from achieving it change your strategies and not your goals all together!

#5: Changing Career for Greater Benefits and Pay

This could be one of the worst career change mistakes. Such decisions are usually made out of frustration due to a low pay. While it is important to have a decent salary, job satisfaction should also be taken into account. Keep in mind that money can’t buy happiness. Also, know that the well-paying jobs could be gone tomorrow, so do not push yourself into something that you will regret in the end.

Career change is a very important decision. Be the one to control your career and not the other way around.

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